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The calculator is easy to use. The user selects one of the available MATRIX VISION sensors from the list. The calculator then plugs in the features of the sensor into the calculation. The user then enters the distance of the object (in mm) as well as the size of the object (mm), either height or width, and starts the calculation.  The calculator then displays the focal length required for the chosen sensor size. 
The lens size must be greater than the sensor size.  Thus, if the sensor is 1/2", then the lens can be a 1/2", 2/3"  or 1".  If the lens is less than 4 mm, you may wish to look at CS Mount lenses with the appropriate adapter from MATRIX VISION.  Consider a vari-focal lens of say 4-12 mm if the calculated lens falls into this range - giving flexibility on distance to the object and Field of View.

There are some factors you want to consider:

1/  Fixed or Varifocal

If you know exactly where the target will be at all times I recommend fixed as it is cheaper.  However, varifocal offers more flexibility in set-up and provides manual zoom and focus.

2.  Manual Iris or Autoiris  (the mvBlueFOX and DNV cameras are manual iris)

3.  Lens Size

You want to try to match the CCD geometry with the lens (1/3 to 1/3).  However you can always use a larger format lens.  You can never use a smaller format lens (1/2 to 1/3 is OK, 1/3 to 1/2 is NOT)
4.  Focal Length (mm)
The higher the numeric value, the longer focal distance, the smaller the angle of view.
The smaller the numeric value, the shorter the focal distance, the wider the angle of view.
5.  F Stop
The lower the numeric value, the better.  F Stop is the actual speed in which the lens passes light from the object through the lens to the sensor.  The less amount of time means better light sensitivity and a brighter, crisper image.
6.  Mount (CS or C)
Both the mvBlueFOX and DNV cameras are set up for C-Mount lenses.  The mvBlueFOX can be ordered set up for CS-Mount lens (this must be ordered as an option at time of purchase).